We customize our creative solutions based on the different needs of our clients, which usually comes in the form of promotional videos, short documentaries, and social media campaigns. We utilize our storytelling technique and emotively communicate the core message to the audience.
Open since 2013, Young Master Brewery has been brewing high-quality local craft beers in Hong Kong. They take inspiration from the city’s unique flavor profiles, and there are no other beers quite like theirs.

In 2018, Pepper Up teamed up with Young Master Brewery to shoot a short campaign. The experimental shooting and editing techniques led to an impressive short narrative with a light hearted tone. Centered around its founder Rohit Rugar’s relationship with Hong Kong, our piece uncovers the vision and mission of the brewery.
Creative concept
Here in Hong Kong, there’s a traditional open-air hawker-style of dining called Dai Pai Dong. The concept that drove our video campaign is how Dai Pai Dong and Young Master Brewery’s cultures are rooted in Hong Kong. We establish through the editing style that brewing beer, just like cooking at a Dai Pai Dong, requires years of hard work and practice. By inserting archival footage from the sixties to show the golden age of manufacturing, we also pay homage to the Made in Hong Kong era cutting back and forth between the past and present.
Award-winning Director of Photography Dan Frantz lensed for this project. Hailing from Chicago, Frantz has experience shooting campaigns for international brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton. Leading creative content studio The Mill was responsible for the color grading of the video.